Heding Pipes – “the story”
My journey towards full-time pipe-making began during the summer of 2003.
At that time I worked as molecular biologist (Ph.D.) aiming to develop new and potent treatment strategies for people suffering from Type 1 Diabetes.
Although my profession was indeed interesting and contained obvious carrier possibilities, I was sequentially attracted to artistic and handcraft-like disciplines and the urge for creating things by “hand” kept on puzzling my mind.
By coincides (or destiny), I watched an interview with Ann Julie in the TV (2003). I was blinded by the beautiful and artistic pipes she made and I instantly felt convinced that pipe-making contained exactly the creative elements I was looking for; the combination of functionality and design. Simply, I had to do something about it – and a hobby was born.
Shortly hereafter I bought my first briars from Tom Eltang and the first pipes where “truly handmade” – most of them in the evening at my kitchen floor – strictly by use of simple tools like a knife and files.

Tom generously invited me to his workshop where he during the first 2 years taught me many important aspects of free-hand pipe-making, and equally important; introduced me to a very interesting world of pipe-enthusiasts.
Tom and Pia Eltang introduced my pipes at the Chicago Pipe Show 2004 and 2005, and I slightly began to get an idea about the whole concept of doing pipe-making-business – and it appealed to me a lot.

By spring of 2006, after 3 years of hobby pipe-making, my best kept secret was exposed for the first time to my employer at the Research Institute, including a letter of resignation.